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Modern door murals with dozens of trendy motifs

If a moment comes that the old, damaged door should be replaced with a new one, we suggest considering another solution. You can simply breathe new life into such a door by wrapping it with a self-adhesive door sticker. This way, we will achieve two goals: not only will we "cover up" an unattractive, large area in our room, but also decorate the apartment beautifully.

Easy application thanks to self-adhesive, long-lasting stickers

A door photo wallpaper will effectively cover all imperfections of the old door and create a new atmosphere, like a beautiful picture on the wall. It is easy to keep clean, and its pattern does not wear off after washing. The stickers does not require the use of additional glue as in the case of traditional wallpapers and additional time for the glue to bind. After application the sticker is ready for use.

Versatile application of door photo wallpapers: for the kitchen, living room, room, bedroom

There are many patterns of self-adhesive door wallpapers, they are all beautiful and various thematically. Thanks to this, you can choose the right door sticker for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and children's room.
The door sticker can also perfectly decorate the door to the wardrobe, especially with monotonous development of the entire wall. A single, well-chosen colorful accent can bring an unexpected decorative effect.

Each of our door stickers is available in three different sizes:

  • 75 x 205 cm,
  • 85 x 205 cm,
  • 95 x 205 cm.

Thanks to this, it will be possible to precisely match the graphic motif to doors of various widths. Stickers for full doors are perfect for small rooms. They can be used to apply a motif to the door surface, which will optically enlarge the room and give the illusion of more space. For this purpose, door stickers with a view of narrow streets, stairs, stretching bridges and piers, as well as other motifs with a 3D effect are most often chosen. Abstract motifs will certainly prove themselves in modern, designer rooms, while photo wallpapers for doors in a vintage style will positively affect the decor of stylized interiors. The offer includes the most popular motifs also used in wall murals, i.e. floral and plant motifs, forest views, landscapes, urban motifs, animals, black and white and geometric murals and many more. If you have a damaged door that spoils the aesthetics of your interior, instead of buying a new one, you can restore their second life. Photo wallpapers are the best medicine for old doors. With a low cost and minimum effort, you can completely change the decor of your apartment or office. Choose door murals in our store - we have dozens of fashionable designs and motifs that you can use to quickly metamorphose your interior.

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