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Wall stickers, self-adhesive furniture decals and murals for the kitchen, living room, bedroom

Wall stickers, furniture stickers and self-adhesive wallpapers are decorations that we gladly use in the arrangement of our houses and apartments. In addition to traditional wallpapers, we are increasingly using them as stickers placed on doors, fridges or walls.

So if you are looking for a way to give your door a new look, we encourage you to visit our gallery of door stickers in various patterns and sizes. Thanks to the rich collection of various motifs, you can choose a photo or pattern that will perfectly match the decor of the room. Door murals are not only beautiful and colorful decorations, but also an ideal way to cover damage or scratches on the door. So if you want to refresh your doors and give them a new look, we recommend our gallery of self-adhesive door covers.

We offer a self-adhesive sticker in the form of a 3d hole in the wall to all those who are looking for an interesting and unique wall decoration. This unique decoration looks like a hole has been created in the wall through which you can see the chosen motif. The edges of 3d wall hole wallpaper look like chipped plaster, crushed stone, concrete or sandstone brick. Inside, you can put any theme selected from our gallery. We offer over a dozen thematic galleries, where you will find beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and flowers, great monuments or architecture.

Refrigerator stickers are, in turn, a proposal for those who are bored with their white, silver or black fridge. Our refrigerator decal can completely change not only the equipment itself, but also give a new character to the entire kitchen. The proposed self-adhesive refrigerator decals can be ordered in several sizes, but above all, we offer hundreds of beautiful motifs divided into thematic galleries.