3D wall hole decals / stickers

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Photo wallpapers imitating a hole in the wall - 3D effect

In order to decorate a wall in a room, we do not have to cover it with wallpaper or hang pictures. We propose, a new and wonderful decoration - 3D hole wall stickers. The sticker looks at first glance as if the wall of our room has been devastated by a cannon shot or a pickaxe. The mural is shaped like a hole in the wall, revealing chipped plaster, crushed stone, brick, concrete or sandstone. Its edges are irregular, frayed and split, but after a while we discover that it is an interesting, intriguing pattern.
However, that is not all.

The 3D hole in the wall visible on the sticker reveals new, unexpected views. Through this hole we can see beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and flowers, great monuments and architecture.

We look at them as if through a window, but this window is not a trivial, regular four frames of the pane. The intriguing, irregular shape of the 3D hole in the wall focuses more attention on our sticker than the view from the window.

A modern form of wall decoration using stickers with a 3D effect

The 3D Hole in the Wall sticker is a completely new form of wall decoration: something in between a wallpaper (it sticks to the wall) and a picture (it has a limited shape and size and a unique pattern). It can be glued to the wall individually, but you can also design two or three "holes", depending on the size of the wall surface and your creativity. In addition, it is universal when it comes to the decoration place. A selected photo wallpaper pattern in the form of a 3D hole in the wall can be placed in any point of our apartment, not only in rooms, but also in the bathroom and corridor, where we often lack ideas for decorating the walls.

Let's remember that imitation of a hole in the wall with a beautiful view or landscape behind it can optically increase the space of small rooms where we feel a bit overwhelmed, staying in them every day. This type of photo wallpaper in the form of a wall sticker will add more life and energy to the interior, give the feeling of opening this space to a wide space emerging from behind the opening.Choose the type of hole and the view - we have thousands of interesting designs to choose from.

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