What products does WallMuralia offer?

In the WallMuralia store, you can buy: glass, acrylic and canvas paintings. We also offer glass chopping boards, glass panels for the kitchen and glass wall clocks, as well as self-adhesive door stickers.
The WallMuralia store has a wide range of products related to interior decoration. We offer glass, acrylic and canvas paintings. Decorations for the kitchen: glass kitchen panels and glass chopping boards. The range of glass decorations also includes wall clocks on glass in various sizes. In addition, we also offer self-adhesive photo wallpapers for doors in various sizes.

How to find the right image?

The structure of the store is divided into products, which in turn are divided into categories by size. Each of the categories within a given product contains from several hundred to several thousand themes with various themes. We tried to select them so that they meet the expectations of all clients. You can also use the search engine that will find themes corresponding to the entered phrase within the selected product. You can also always ask for help from our advisors by contacting us by phone at

+44 2037699611 or by e-mail at info@wallmuralia.co.uk

How to place an order?

After selecting the product and searching for the appropriate theme, simply add it to the cart. In the shopping cart, complete the order form and make the payment.

How can I pay for the order?

You can pay for your order via popular and secure online payments: PayPal

Can I place an order over the phone?

Orders can only be placed on our website. For personalized orders please contact us via
e-mail at: info@wallmuralia.co.uk