Assembly instructions


NOTICE! - on the back of the glass panel, several strips of double-sided adhesive tape are glued for protection. Do NOT remove the protective film/paper from the tapes. We clean the wall from dust and greasy impurities. It's also worth wiping the back of the kitchen panel. This will guarantee stable mounting.

In order to stick the glass panels to a kitchen wall, we suggest using a solvent-free assembly adhesive, so-called mirror adhesive. According to our tests, other adhesives do not guarantee a stable fixing.

A small amount of glue (just a drop the size of a bean) should be applied pointwise, every few centimetres in the centre of each tape. After applying the adhesive to the tapes, firmly press the kitchen panel against the wall.

IMPORTANT - the bonding time of the adhesive is from 24 to 48 hours. Remember that after pressing the panel to the wall, you must provide it with support—it can be either the kitchen counter or a slat/wedge. The support can be removed only after the bonding time has elapsed, i.e. after 48 hours at the latest.

REMEMBER - the use of other methods of gluing and applying glue outside the tapes may cause damage to the graphics, which is not subject to complaint.


Thank you for purchasing our painting.
The assembly kit includes:
- 4 metal hangers (including two movable, wider ones)
- 4 expansion bolts
- 4 screws

After choosing the right place to hang the picture, you can proceed to the assembly.

First, you need to fix the 4 hangers in the wall using screws and expansion plugs.

We recommend evenly distributing the hangers vertically in relation to each other, so measure and mark, for example, a pencil on the wall where to drill holes.

After drilling the holes, metal hangers should be screwed in.
We suggest fixing the fixed ones at the bottom and the movable ones at the top. This will allow the image to slide in easier.

Then, gently slide the picture into the hangers. A safe option is to rest it on the lower, immovable hangers and fix it on the upper ones with the help of the movable ones.

We suggest not to mount the hangers in the very corners of the painting, but leave approx. 10cm from the edge of the image.

Our mounting kit for 4 hangers is standard, of the same size. Depending on the size of the image, there may be a slight gap between the image and the pendant, but this does not affect the safety of use. They can be pressed gently so as not to damage the image.


1) Please place the wall plugs in the wall at the correct distance from each other at the preferred height

2) Then we try on the hooks. You can bend them slightly if necessary

3) Fasten the hooks with screws

4) We hang the clock/picture on the hooks

The clock has foam spacers that are used to align the clock with the wall - remember that you should not remove the protective film from them.