Wall art prints

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Wall art prints for the living room, kitchen, bedroom and other rooms

Wall decorations, including paintings, take on new forms all the time. Not only do we have the traditional canvas wall art hanging on our walls anymore, but also prints on glass and ones on acrylic.

Nevertheless, canvas paintings are still very popular. Mainly because now these are pictures printed on canvas, which allows you to print any motif and guarantees its excellent quality and vivid colours. It also gives you the option of printing any motif in any format on a photo canvas.

Photo prints for walls - practical decorations for every room

In our homes, however, paintings on glass are more and more often hosted. They fit perfectly into a modern arrangement, regardless of the room's purpose. Glass is a unique decoration, which in combination with digital printing creates wonderful decorations, such as photo paintings on glass. The motifs with printed photos look the most beautiful.

Acrylic paintings, on the other hand, are characterized by durability and resistance to damage. It is safer than glass, and the print looks practically the same. Digital printing gives acrylic paintings exceptional colors that will enliven any room.  We recommend our paintings on acrylic in horizontal and vertical formats and in many different sizes.

The modern photo prints which you will find in the WallMuralia store offer will be used to decorate the walls of every room in our apartments (living room, bedroom, kitchen, room, hall), as well as a study, office, restaurant, pub and other interiors that we want to give a new, interesting look.