Glass kitchen splashbacks

Kitchen wall panels made of tempered glass

A stylish kitchen requires stylish decoration. The perfect solution are glass panels with a print. They fit perfectly into modern and stylish kitchens. They are easy to maintain, there are no major problems with washing the dirt off them.Glass panels are a sophisticated decoration that can be reconciled with a modern kitchen interior.

The most popular graphic themes for glass backsplashes

In our galleries, we offer many, various motifs printed on kitchen glass backsplashes using the digital method. They give a spatial effect and make the room slightly brighter.Kitchen glass splashbacks are therefore particularly suitable for small and tight kitchens. Of course, they will look equally beautiful in large spaces, where they will increase the perception of the room's dimensions.Fruit, vegetable and herb motifs, as well as coffee, tea and broadly understood nature and landscapes are the most popular choice for cooker splashback. The motifs of grass, flowers, beautiful views, Provencal landscapes, lavender fields and many others look great in the kitchens. In modern kitchens, prints on glass in the form of panoramas of cities, space or abstraction, concrete, marble or 3D effects fit very well.

Safe and easy to clean decorations

The most sophisticated decorations on the glass are a beautiful addition to the modern kitchen. Their use is not very demanding. They are usually also built into the walls and other elements of the room, so they are rarely damaged by falling and breaking. Glass splashback can be easily kept clean, in contrast to traditional tiles, between which the grout is often dirty, losing its aesthetic value over time.Therefore, glass backsplashes are also suitable for kitchen rooms where children will be present. Tempered glass, which we use in the production of our panels, is scratch and mechanical damage resistant.

Glass panels will make a great impression in every kitchen. Despite the modern form, printed glass is also used for stylized kitchens. All you have to do is choose a graphic or theme that matches the rest of your kitchen equipment.The universality of the panels makes them one of the most frequently chosen kitchen decorations. Glass combines modernity and tradition. It is worth using these features and unlimited possibilities when it comes to choosing a theme or pattern. This is a very simple solution, but it has a very big impact on the overall presentation of the kitchen. Surprise household members and guests with amazing graphics decorating the kitchen or kitchenette. Decorative backsplashes are the best alternative to traditional tiles. Therefore, if you are looking for proven solutions for kitchen decor, bet on fashionable glass patterns. Placing them between the countertop and the upper cabinets or the hood will allow you to clearly display the new decoration.

We also recommend glass chopping board, which will complement the kitchen arrangement with an additional theme and usability, and images printed on glass for other rooms.

Made-to-measure kitchen glass splashback

Made-to-measure glass kitchen panels are a perfect replacement for traditional glazed tiles. They are most often used to cover the surface between cabinets and worktops to make the kitchen more attractive and give it a unique atmosphere. They are easy to keep clean - tempered glass is resistant to moisture and grease, and it is also very aesthetic. In our store's offer you will find plenty of beautiful ready-made prints.In our Wallmuralia store there are standard designs of glass kitchen backsplashes, however, it is also possible to order custom-made kitchen panels from us.If you need a different size of the panel/panels, just contact us through a specially prepared form.

Made-to-measure bathroom glass wall panels 

Made-to-measure glass splashbacks are one of the most desirable bathroom accessories.In addition to being very functional - resistant to moisture and easy to clean, thanks to unique prints they bring colour and character to the bathroom.The advantage of shower glass panels is also the fact that they can be used in any type of bathroom - traditional or modern. It is possible to order made-to-measure bathroom shower backsplash, just contact us using the form prepared for you.